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What we are offering 

We are bringing to the market FDA EUA approved COVID-19 IgG/IgM rapid test cassettes that are currently part of the COVID-19 treatment protocol in the USA. Here are some details for your review.

Care without compromise

We specialize in bringing cutting-edge diagnostic tools to markets in the Middle East region.  BioClinical partners/founders have a successful track record in biobanking, diagnostic tools, and medical/non-medical home care solutions.  We worked in the Middle East, the UK and the United States of America.  We, like many other businesses in our field, have significantly expedited our product research, widened our suppliers’ list, and expanded our business lines in record time to be able to keep up with new technologies that support governments/communities in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of our main focus areas at present is COVID-19 rapid testing (both — Antigen and IgG/IgM testing kits).

Our Mission

BioClinical has a mission to improve the available treatments for patients. We do this by supporting healthcare professionals in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions; by delivering quality products with outstanding service to meet the expectations of our customers and patients around the world.

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